Busy Day

26th June,2017



Tons of work…..

Today is my holiday… and I’m packed with a suitcase full of work….

Such a nice day….is it?

So I start Blabbering …. in..3…2…1…go!
Got up at 6 am.. Sat starting my homework… had a breakfast and that’s it… 😦

That’s the end. After that I was jam packed.. I was so happy planning a lot of things to do today as it’s a public holiday from my school.. but I was, only till I heard this…

My classes gave me a shock when I heard this on Saturday’s lecture:

‘We’ll be having a five hours lecture on Monday’….. >:o

And today was the day I had no time to breathe, I was packed from 10 am to 7 pm….

You might guessing like ‘Bro it was five hours, then how till 7…’

I’ll clear your doubt.. What happened was our lecture was split in two that is from 10 to 2

and 5.30 to 7…

Also they gave me so much of homework that I had no time in middle of the lecture..

So I’m signing of here but have some clicks for you….

Signing off


P.S if my grammar is not correct please correct me :p



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