Warframe: A Legacy

So guys good to know if you are playing Warframe but if you’re not, I suggest you try it out. I’ve never really been into games especially video games like these. I always focused on school, exams and all the other things that while away my time. Now I just cannot remember how my time passed a few months ago.

The game, obviously, requires you to build warframes, which are these gears that you wear to stay alive. I’m sure you would have heard of multiplayer shooter games. Weapons are supposedly built for your usage in the missions. You are a lost kind and now, you are the only survivor. The Grineer and Corpus have taken over the solar system. It is now your job to protect it. It is up to you,Tenno…

Well I suggest you try this game out. I personally like multiplayer games after trying out Warframe. So that’s it I’ve got to say. It all depends on you…………………..Tenno…………XD.

P.S: I got Banshee Prime a few days ago!!!


Signing off,

Chinmander 🙂


One Comment Add yours

  1. Hi Chinmander..
    Good to see you that your on vlogs now
    Nice introductory to warframe…
    On your recommendation I tried it
    It was great please keep posting on this topic more


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