Mastery Up!

For those who read my previous post, you probably already know I got Banshee. She is good in every way except one thing – she dies very often. I just don’t know how to survive with her, so please advice me if you know. I will appreciate it for sure. The main point of this post is I just cleared another checkpoint. In Warframe vocabulary, it is called a mastery up. I moved from 8 to 9 now!

I heard many things about this test being really hard and I do agree. Just imagine you are on a map surrounded by people and you are not supposed to be seen (P.S. You can’t use abilities). You just have to strategize, create a plan, observe their movement, and act accordingly. Making sure you attack an enemy when he is behind the wall gives you an advantage. When you ‘Stealth Kill’ him, you won’t be noticed by others. That is one strategy.

So my advice is you plan which enemy you will be killing first and decide an order. After that, it is simple. With quite a bit of hard work, I managed to pull through. And I claimed my Boltace. Yipee!


Charmander (*Chinmander)


One Comment Add yours

  1. Thx Chinmander It helped me a lot
    Ill Try this in my next missions


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