Planet Coaster: A new entry

Hey Guys,

Good to see you back…. 🙂

So Today is a awesome day for all PlanCo Fans sitting there…

Yes! I’ll be posting blog on Planet Coaster…  So those who don’t know what’s Planet coaster is.. it’s actually a park building game in which you build a theme park which satisfies you as well as the peeps/guests whatever you wanna call them..

So there are three ways to play this game:

  1. Career
  2. Sandbox
  3. Challenge
  • Career mode

In this mode its like I ( Here ‘I’ is referring to the game) have build something but its not complete, so you take it on further. There will be pre-built park for you.. you just need to follow instruction, accomplish achievements, and bring it to three stars….

  • Sandbox mode

In this mode you have the freedom to build anything you like.. You are given unlimited cash, unlimited rides ( in the sense not limited rides as the career), and different scenery objects… Most of the people go for this as to build their dreamland… 🙂

  • Challenge mode

This mode is as similar to sandbox but different.. Here you don’t have unlimited cash and everything like sandbox. Here you have a limited money and you need to build a successful park in that money only ( although you’re paid when guests enter your park and rides). You need to research on rides in game, set prices to your rides and attend to you guest’s needs… You have different levels of difficulty… so choose yours carefully…



That’s all had to say today. Make sure you stay tuned with us as Chinmander and TJ also post awesome blogs.. If possible try sharing our blog as we can get more ideas to work on.. and stay tuned with us again as a surprise will be coming very soon…

Signing off:



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