Long time no see :)

Hey guys!!!
Sorry for being idle for a long time….. All because of exams
Yes guys I was having my exams and was very stressed out….. but now I'm free but don't expect me to be online and send blogs everyday as its a tight schedule here…..
So I have been working and studying at the same time… I've never been so much busy but more concerned about you guys….. So as I was talking about I have also worked on my planet coaster stuff and after a long time sitting idle I've decided to make a park related to Warframe…. So what's Warframe you ask? It's a Space adventure game in which we we are the hero called tenno inside our suit called warframes..
I'm not sure how many days it will take or how it's going to turn out but better try

So ill sign off good bye ttyl gtg
Signing off


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