Hello guys!

Welcome To ‘A moment captured’

We are pleased to have you on our blog…

You might be wondering what this blog is about…

Actually we haven’t decided a  specific topic for the blog…

That means we will be posting stuff related to Planet Coaster, Warframe, Cinema4D, Festivals in India(only on that day of festival according to Hindu-Calendar) and lots more…

We’ll be posting stuff like daily logs, best pics and more…{as far as our abilities go..XD 🙂 }

If we missed to post blogposts.. we’re sorry… we’ve school and classes so we too will be searching for free time to post blogs as we don’t want to keep you waiting…

And last but not the least:

  • Share the blog
  • Like the blog
  • Don’t hesitate to comment as we would love to improve or know what topics you would like to see more often

Signing off :-

  • Chinmander
  • TJ
  • Ash





5 Comments Add yours

  1. soham phalke says:

    where is sucidal death


    1. Its not released yet nor announced


  2. Soham phalke says:

    Well shall i know who replied this


  3. soham phalke says:

    actually i am a gta 5 fan so if any interesting or funny mod is released in gta 5 can put it in your blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We will try to… as we don’t have GTA V we cannot post much on that topic… if possible we might see for Assassins creed.. 🙂


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